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African Mandingo Oil Enlargement for Men Genitals

Products Instructions For Use

1 After the bath, with private parts cleaning care soap genitals.

2 After cleaning care, genitals with a hot towel, vitality through blood, the state is better.
3 Lyric smell smoke aromatherapy oil,essential oils relax the body to absorb the
best results.

4 drop out 10 drops of essential oil of male genitalia ,massage.

5 massage genitals and testes,for 3-5 minutes until the oil is completely absorb dry up. 

6 with 1 ml oil massage waist,kidneys and groin ,massage until absorption.

Promote blood circulation,enlarge men's penis size,improve
sex apathy and prolong sex.

After 1 Month
The quickest results people notice is an increase in sexual stamina, and a higher libido. Within several weeks semen will feel noticeably thicker.

After 2 Months
Substantial thickening of the penis is noticeable. Sex drive is increased higher still, with a greater volume of semen produced.

After 3 Months
The penis will now hang longer, thicker, with more vascularity. Libido is noticeably higher than previous, with semen production at it's highest peak yet.

After 6 Months
The penis is now considered 'Monster'. This is the stage many performers in the porn industry get to and are satisfied with the results. It is possible to keep going however.

You can stop taking when you feel your penis is big enough. Most women can comfortably take 9 inches inside of them. You can keep taking once you get to this point however, the choice is up to you

Product Date:  3 years